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My hit list: fiction, music, movies.



Dead Girls (Calder)

Pollen (Noon)*

The Wasp Factory (Banks)

A Room of One's Own (Woolf)

The Diaries of Anais Nin

Alice in Wonderland (Carrol)

Snow Crash (Stephenson)


The Gay Vampire Trillogy (Rice)

Falling Free (Mcmaster Boujould)

Demons of the Night: Tales of the Fantastic, Madness, and the Supernatural from 19thC France (Kessler)

Cool anyway

Great Tales of Jewish Fantasy and the Occult (Neugroschel)



(One Click Audio)

Alexandre Borgia*French

Lorenna McKennitt*

This Mortal Coil* ( Song to the Siren*)

No Doubt

Johnette Napolitano/Concrete Blond


Bram Tchaikovsky

Iggy Pop

The Only Ones

Stranglers (No more Heroes)*

The Vibrators* (Baby Baby)

Tom Waits (Jesus Gonna Be Here) more

Sparks (This Town Ain't Big Enough - Home,Work,Play)



Babette's Feast


The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover

Spike of Love

Tank Girl


Terminator I/II/3

We're No Angels


Nightmare Before Christmas


Coppola's Dracula

Apocalypse Now

Logic? I don't think so. These this is just where I am now. It's not my fault. I'm just drawn to it. Somethings you just thirst after, and once you get your teeth into it, you just won't let go. That's how it is with me, these days anyway.

Tom Waits


The MIDI music file on this web site, St. James Infirmary, was arranged and produced by Bill Milbrodt from the 1929 song by Joe Primrose. Courtesy of EMI/Mills Music, Inc.