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Spazz says I should get it out of my sytem...

I've been jawing online, mostly on LambdaMOO and BayMOO with my buddy Spazzmodius/Null. He's a bit geriatrix, but I've known him, from a distance, almost all my life. His older brother was driving the car that crashed killing him and my mom when I was four, and he kept in touch with me when I moved back to Edge City. Why am I mentioning him? Cause he thinks I should write about my own story. So, as revenge, I'm writing about him first... That will fix the jerk. [ss hugs Spazz]. Hey's prolly right... gawd, I'm picking up his MOOspeak already... with computers never stop rotting my mind. 12 months dead, no real character change, except some dietary modifications, new sense of my body, and then I get on the net last fall and manage to track down spazz when Louis' son helped me do my first web search. Now my mind has been warped by the 'net more than merely getting killed ever did.

As Willis the Bruce says, or so Spazz tells me, "It is not how many people I've killed that's important. It his how well I get along with the ones who are alive that counts." He kills me. Maybe I'll track him down for a pint when he's next in Cannes.