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GothCore is just a place, a crypt, a catacomb, an erethreal plane, a temple, a juicepit, or an offering to some eldrich horror you met at a club last night.

GothCore is also a safe space. A place for wetware to interface with the other realms without getting their brains sucked out their nostrals by some succUbus. Forcing yourself on someone without concent is a no no here, as much as it may be a yes yes, in your nightly haunts. They gave me a wizbit and I'm ready to revenge with it. So be cool, be yourself, and don't eat anyone, k?

CothCore is me and a couple of my friends, or a couple of my friends and me, since they're the techheads at this point of time, and I'm playing maven and acolyte at the same time. Well, I supplied both the threats to do it, and the cool colour code, I call it blood and gold. They call it text="#FFFF99" & bgcolor="#660000". One of us has a serverly impaired imagination.

CothCore is non-goth friendly. Industrialists? Come on down! D&D simubunnies? Come on down! Wallstreet wannabies from beyond space and time? Come on down! Be the next contestant on "the Blight is Right!"

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